Bird’s Eye View – Linville River

July 2, 2009

Linville River below falls

Looking down on the Linville River,

after the Falls, as it heads into the Gorge 


3 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View – Linville River”

  1. Dagmar Says:

    Gosh you live in such great area. I’m so jealous. But it’s almost as if I’m there with you taking that trip into the wild. Yammy.

  2. joyce Says:

    Does the phrase “Don’t look down” come to mind?? I’m glad you did look down though, with your camera

  3. Sandy K Says:

    Thank you for following my site. You have some lovely photographs here…it must be wonderful to live in such a visually stimulating area Though I suppose all of us can find the beauty in our corners of the world:).

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