Blue Ridge Splendor

August 29, 2009

Blue Ridge Splendor


Blue Ridge Parkway Vista

Near The Great Smoky Mountains



4 Responses to “Blue Ridge Splendor”

  1. Dagmar Says:

    Oh My What a gorgeous pictures. If only I could dive into these….sigh…When can you have me so I can take shots like these too….I’m still amazed and dazzeled. Dagmar

  2. Dagmar Says:

    Hi there, thanks for your warm invitation. I’ll keep it in mind. Didn’t want to be so frank about it, it just popped out of me (I’ve got that sometimes).

    My baskets are not mine…Found them in a shop and just took a picture of it for my mom to copy them in some sort of way. It’s feld and she works with them. You can use them for almost anything. They are lovely aren’t they?
    Soft feld hugs Dagmar

  3. joyce Says:

    North Carolina could be British Columbia’s twin state/province. Almost all ofyour pictures could be taken here too!

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