A Visit To West End

June 18, 2009

Grace Court Gazebo

Grace Court at West End

Fountain at Grace Court

This is a beautiful older home turned into offices where

I first worked after moving to the Triad

Old RPM Bldg.


3 Responses to “A Visit To West End”

  1. Kamana Says:

    we are looking for new offices – if only ours would be housed in such a lovely building in such delightful surroundings!

  2. Dagmar Says:

    Can you immagine even living in one of those houses…. hmmm How I would have loved it in the old days.

    Things overhere are the same hundreds of years old buildings are transformed into offices because one can’t afford to live in them anymore. Love the gardens by the way.

  3. Dagmar Says:

    Hee you, Thanks so much for your sweet loving words on my blog. And yes I’ve got your mail. Sorry I forgot to say so. See that’s how busy I am. I also fly through the blog you’ve send to me, it’s great but I need more time to sit down and watch it closely. Hugs.

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