A Drive in the Country

May 19, 2009

Blue Sky and Clouds

As I was driving in rural Davie County on Saturday,

I came upon a beautiful farm with several

pastures for horses and black cows. 

 Horses in Pasture

I came up to photograph this little fellow’s mother because she was so

gorgeous, and was very surprised to find him lying sound asleep on the

grass near the front of the paddock.  Before I could get his picture, he

sensed me, woke up and stretched.  He was only a few weeks old, if that.

Colt at Bashon Farm


6 Responses to “A Drive in the Country”

  1. Chris Says:

    Beautiful shots. I especially love that first sweeping shot of green grass and blue sky 🙂

  2. joyce Says:

    The little guy looks like he’s got a lot of growing to do before he catches up to his legs!
    And congrats to your son…my son will be there next year omg!

  3. Dagmar Says:

    Oh I wanna cuddle him. Look at him wiggle on his long leggs. Love the photo’s. Thanks for your sweet words as usual.

  4. Kamana Says:

    he is gorgeous! and i love the scenery.

  5. yadkinvalleyhome Says:

    Thank you all for the comments. I’ll post him with his mother soon. She is a very large breed with huge hoofs.

  6. sharilyn Says:

    there are those long gangly legs! 🙂

    LOVE the blue sky green grass shot! mmm. i miss that out here in southern cal!

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