New Colt with his Mother

May 21, 2009

Colt with Mother

Here is the colt with his mother.  She is beautiful also,

so large, and a deep brown with huge hoofs.

Mother Horse

9 Responses to “New Colt with his Mother”

  1. Dagmar Says:

    Oh I love babies. And those babyhorse look so adorible with there long leggs. Great pictuers. Will you follow the little one so we can see him grow? How fun would that be.

  2. joyce Says:

    The horse & his mummy are beautiful…is that a special kind of horse with big furry hooves like that?

  3. yadkinvalleyhome Says:

    Thank you!! My husband thinks they are some kind of draft horses. I’ll try to go back soon and take more photo of him. He was so sweet seeming, shy, but brave at the same time.

  4. lisa Says:

    so beautiful!

  5. Chris Says:

    Great close up shot! I love the colors, too 🙂

  6. michelle Says:

    How beautiful! What a sweet little colt.

  7. sharilyn Says:

    what beautiful photographs! and what a delightful little subject! i love animal babies with their gangly legs and big bright eyes! i was treated to seeing (and getting to hold!) some lambs on my recent trip to MI! ahhh, delight!

  8. sally Says:

    I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. I’ll be back soon for more.

    I don’t see many horses here..and I love them. They’re so elegant…

  9. […] here to see the first photo of the baby bolt and here for 2 weeks […]

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