Mill Creek Falls

June 9, 2009

mills creek falls

Here is another waterfall on Lake Glenville

named Mill Creek Falls.

This is the view from the neighbor’s house –

mills creek falls 4


You all know how much I love waterfalls, please take a look

at Sandy’s beautiful photo of Multomah Falls

in the Columbia River Gorge @

3 Responses to “Mill Creek Falls”

  1. Dagmar Says:

    Oh my God what a way to life. In this surroundings…I’ld feel like I was in heaven.

    I’m gonna look into the other pics.

  2. I am very jealouse, it looks beautiful.

  3. charlane Says:

    beautiful shot.

    the technique I used on the photography on my blog was using texture in a photoshop layer.

    thanks for dropping by

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