After the rain…

March 8, 2010

Norton Falls on Lake Glenville

after a heavy rainstorm in 2009

Summer Fun

September 23, 2009




Sunset on the Lakeshore

August 23, 2009

Sunset on Glenville

A majestic end to a wonderful week!

Hurricane Falls

August 19, 2009

Hurricane Falls 2009

Hurricane Falls on Lake Glenville

in North Carolina.  One of three waterfalls

on the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen.

Mill Creek Falls

June 9, 2009

mills creek falls

Here is another waterfall on Lake Glenville

named Mill Creek Falls.

This is the view from the neighbor’s house –

mills creek falls 4


You all know how much I love waterfalls, please take a look

at Sandy’s beautiful photo of Multomah Falls

in the Columbia River Gorge @

Lake Glenville

Beautiful Lake Glenvillle, also known as Thorpe Reservoir,

has three waterfalls on the lake, accessible by boat only. 

Below is Norton Falls.

norton falls on lake glenville

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