Sunrise at the Jetty

December 15, 2017

IMG952676 (3)

An added bonus of getting up early

to go fishing off the Jetty

in Murrell’s Inlet, SC.



Winter at Midway Inlet

March 2, 2017

Midway Inlet.jpg

There’s always something magical 

about a winter sunset at

Midway Inlet



photo by Reid Edwards


Morning in Murrell’s

January 10, 2017

dscn8174-3Morning in Murrell’s Inlet

Sun’s first light on the marsh grasses



Field with Cloud

We have had a very unusual climate this summer.

It has been unseasonally cool for North Carolina,

but the skys have been beautiful. 

This was probably the largest cloud I’ve ever seen, 

and it was even more spectacular

with the sun setting against it.

 Large Cloud

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